Friday, May 25, 2012

Blog 13

write honest huh, well my pen name is Derrickwilliams #7 and i am Zach Pymm. I don't like going to school so i am glad i am graduateing, i hate my freaking attendence schools, i dont care if i spell things wrong eventhough all my teachers want me to spell good. I love B.o.B the rapper cause he spits the truth and to be even more honest i am sick and tired of these stupid blog post every week! i always forget! thats all i have to say, Thanks Nelson it was a good year.

Monday, May 7, 2012

San Antonio Spurs

Man the spurs are good! I think the Jazz will get swept but in the playoffs you never know! I hope the jazz can win 1 playoff game in the Lockout year but im not sure the can beat the spurs, the spurs are so offencivly efficient this year and i think Tim Duncan wants to win 1 more championship before he retires. Good Luck Jazz.

Ordinary World

The 1st at Alpine

Derrick williams#7 is an ordiary guy he works at the Alpine country club in highland utah and plays golf every once in a while. As he is leaveing from work he notices a black mercedes benz rolls into the country club they stop get out of there car a say to me "hows It going". Im shocked its Tiger Woods! he says " do you think i can get out off 1". I pass out.

Did Tiger get off #1?
Why did i faint?
Did Tiger help me?

Blog 11

B.o.B is one of my favorite artist because he is so under-rated and every song he has is good! If his lyrics suck the there is a good beat, and vice versa if his beat is not that great the lyrics are insane good. But most of the time both lyrics and beat are awesome! BoB is my man!


B.o.B featuring T.I - Not Lost

[Chorus - B.O.B]
Just because I’m losing doesn’t mean I’m lost
They gave me nothing but doubt
first they waited then they hated then they counted me out
Just because I’m losing doesn’t mean I’m stuck
They say I lost my way
but first I showed em then I sold em right in front of their face
[Verse 1 - B.O.B]
Well this is the World that we live in
one minute you the hero the next you the villain
we got up in this game just to try to make a living
we hit you with the truth while you watching television
but still these are the cards that we dealt
they kick you on the ground when you most need help
until you dried up and they sit you on the shelf
then you start to cry because you all by yourself
so just know if you wanna wear the belt
the only way to excel is the soul that you sell
so I could care less about the clothes on myself
I’m trying to drive straight on a road made of nails
yeah, I got to pay the toll if I fell
or else it’ll be another story to tell
I’m getting to the door I can tell
I’m just waiting on the day till the glory prevails
[Verse 2 - T.I.]
All I know is keep going, sh-t don’t stop
until the huss double up put the click on top
used to wanna have the bricks on lock
til we went to prison saw we couldn’t pick them locks
easy decision now a n-gga think I lost my touch
listen if I aint the realest ever done it I aint off by much
lyrics courtesy of
so please don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming in the fast lane speedin’ no safety belt
and it’s a marathon pace yourself
in this race for wealth talkin’ sh-t just a waste of breath
chasing me like chasing your tail you’ll never catch it
respect is something you never get if you never had it
I’m looking back and laughing this life of mine
brought me all way here from a life of crime
just a constant reminder that the end all, be all is the one who knows all, sees all
[Verse 3 - B.o.B]
Yeah, well these are my predictions
I’ll be on the top 40 with a big hit
travelling the World trying not to get sick
and I’ma get more friends on my friends list
and then after that I’ll be famous
and everyone I know will tell me that I’m changing
and then my cell phone will never stop ringing
and I’ll be all over magazine pages
yeah and they’ll play my songs till they boring
and if I ever do stop touring they’ll treat me like a foreigner
Don’t believe me ask Lauren…

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Blog 10 Nextra one

This is my nextra one for blog 10. I am a horrible student. I could have been a race car driver man. I could have been a basketball player man. ya im done.

Blog 10

imgres.jpg I could not figure this out so i stole a cool one i found from google images. :)